Bouquet of roses

Constraint stimulates creation.  Like in poetry, rhyme forces authors to write more creative verses. Today, I am going to talk about my constraints, and thus, my creation.

The constraint of being a stared chef must be really stimulating. Chef Alain Passard made his apple pie called "bouquet de rose" in his restaurant. It is no more than apples and sugar on a dough, the inventiveness comes from the execution: he peels the apple into thin layers that he twists in order to make it look like a rose. As a starred chef I guess he thought that he could not simply make an apple pie. Yet it is a classic that deserves being served as it easily uses local products of Europe. The bouquet of roses leaves ranges of positive interpretations for the michelin's critics who probably is not accustomed to receive bouquets of flowers.

Do you think being a stared chef is the most hard situation to handle? Look now at my situation. I have apples, gorgeous ones, I have someone I want to surprise and there is only one constraint: making it cross 2000 kilometers.

And hereby comes my creation: roses on their bed of hay. You know what? You can eat it all! It is made of dried apple and the hay is actually dried rhubarb.

Close this in a box with considerable amount of kitchen paper to secure the all thing. Wrap it. Stamp it. Send it.

Hope I will impress!


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