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The top 3 exotic food in Uppsala

Sweden in general, and Uppsala in particular, is a country of immigration. One way of getting good food in a new country is to look at what kind of foreign community has moved there and to target for their original cuisine. Knowing that Sweden has a strong Iranian and Afghan community, it is an excellent place to discover food from those countries. Here is my personal top 3 exotic restaurants. The order is not representative of my preference. All of them have accessible price. Who said you need money to have good food? Ready for the trip? Afghan in the center: Pamir (+) Authentic Afghan food (+) Generous and fresh tunnbröd meal for 95 kr (+) Central (+) Same menu lunch and Evenings (+) Homemade (+) Very large space, calm Pamir is an Afghan restaurant that has recently opened. The place is not known by people because the location was often under renovation and had to change owner multiple time. Yet, it is extremely central in Uppsala. Each time I went to this rest

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