Catering without tears: Isabelle's Market

This article will interest you if you ever have to organise an event where you need to serve food.
As an event organiser, you cannot always make your social gatherings in a restaurant or where there is a proper kitchen. And if you are foody then starts the headache: because you end up, at best, serving the one_slice_of_cucomber_cheese_sandwich_with_a_coffee which is the default cheap option if you want to eat quick and salty in Sweden.

So when an event organiser gets creative and thinks about serving nice food, despite sometimes some crazy constraints (not even tables to sit properly, no kitchen and fridge, very different demographics of people with opposite taste etc.)  I need to thanks them.

One of them is Isabelle's market.

Isabelle's market catering
(+) Fresh food
(+) Adapted to kitchen free events
(+) Warm food, even without a cooker available
(+) Friendly
(+) Original recipes, including for our vegetarian friends :)

(-) Pricing on request only

Isabelle's market is in my top 3 catering service! They caught my attention during a programmer event. The event was held in a workspace, where space was limited for them, no counter with tap water, no cooker, no cutlery: a nightmare for any cook. Yet they managed to serve me, warm, healthy, high-quality food. It consisted of a sort of pizza on a very thin bread daugh. Forget about the faty margarita, their recipes were  original and tasty: salmon eggs with fresh herbs and cream, brocoli sundried tomatoes and mushroom...

Everything was freshly cut, their sauce neatly put in ready to use bottles, they just had a mini-oven and a clever organisation. There was no waist of time and space in the organisation, yet they optimised the quality and taste. This was focused effort, I like it.

I asked them a few questions,
Pear algarve syrup and cheese dessert (photo from Isabelle's Market instagram)
they were very friendly. They can serve in Uppsala and Stockhol. They can organise for 10 people as for 1 000 people. Their price is on request. Thus I do not know if they are expensive but if you are an event organiser think about them, they do not seem very known yet and they will make a sensation wherever they serve. That definitely changes sandwich.

Isabelle's market


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