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60 Kvadrat

You remember the article about how to pick a restaurant? We said that the best restaurants are hidden, with little options on the menu. But we are a blog about food in Uppsala so the question that comes next is: which restaurant in Uppsala answers that criteria? Let me present you 60 Kvadrat!

60 Kvadrat
(+) Casual atmosphere (+) Fresh and quality ingredients (+) Budget-friendly for who is okay with medium portions (+) Central (+) Opened lunch and Evenings (+) Friendly owner
The restaurant is not big, hard to notice for who does not know it exists. Look at the menu! Finally a restaurant with a one page menu! And none of the dishes are more than 150 kr which is really good for Uppsala. They found a good balance in concept: it is neither tapas neither big dishes, just normal plates which can still suffice if you are not too hungry.

I use it as a compromise when you have group of people with different budgets that still want to go for quality rather than quantity. The atmosphere is modern and ma…

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