The surrealist restaurant of Uppsala.

I live in a 200 000 inhabitant city called Uppsala. While this city provides you everything you want to survive: supermarkets, jobs, university, new built apartments, cinemas and parks. Something is missing...

...a soul.

If you are tired of Max and Espresso house, if you have organised 10^25 times a fika at café Linnée, if the princess tårta is too sweet for your sophisticated palate, there is a place for you:

Café "Jorden är blå som en apelsin"
(+) Creative atmosphere
(+)All day breakfast
(+)Originality of the food
(+)Not known yet (opened two weeks ago) 

(-) slightly outside the city center

As I enter the place the first thing that strikes me is this statue of a woman playing chess. I can touch and move the chess pieces with her... it is so playful! 

Play chess with the statue.
On the wall, a gang of puppets represents famous artists: Virginia wolf, Frida Kalo, Myasaki... 

Puppets of artists, my favourit reference is the coackroach representing Gregoire Samsa
They strangely have the same face, and look like the owner of the place but I don't know if it is done on purpose.😶 On the floor, some railways invite you to the journey. Look at the menu: everything looks exciting. I am not hungry and I order a pie with some cream. The taste is good, not too sweet, the cream tastes super fresh, unlike many other coffee place it is homemade. The arabic coffee is served in a special oriental setting. They have such attention to the details!

The owners are friendly, you feel that this coffee has a story and is their project. It changes from bored waiters and impersonal chains. That impacts also on the experience.

On the back, a list of the breakfast types served all day: iranian, syrian...
In this coffee place, you feel like you can come back a 100 times and yet discover a new detail. And there is a final wink to my french culture... The title is the translation of a famous author, Paul Eluard, "La terre est bleue comme une orange". It is a reference to the surrealist movement of the 20's. And indeed, surrealist is the feeling you get. The experience comes full circle.

Two of their oriental breakfasts served all day.
When you order them you can hear the cook cutting your vegetables.

Café "Jorden är blå som en apelsin"
  • Kungsängsesplanaden 2A, Uppsala
  • Telefon: 0738223327
  • Facebook: Café Jorden är blå som en apelsin
  • Mail:


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